Design Strategist & UX Specialist


Branding a Cryptocurrency Startup


A decentralized game community which uses the Ethereum Network to power a vast array of community tools, reducing cost to developers and gamers, decreasing censorship and building the next game community with the breadth of applications such as Steam.


New to the space, Rupie wanted a branding update including a logo mark and typeface selection. They were also in need of a one screen site to support their marketing efforts as they continued to develop their business. 


Taking inspiration from video games and embracing the theme of community, I started sketching concepts for the logo. Once at a good spot, I produced a polished set to review with the Rupie stakeholder team.


Rupie gravitated towards the faceted look and asked to see some additional options in that style. I did a round two pass and presented.  


After reviewing the first and second round, Rupie asked to combine specific features from each set. We agreed upon a final logo approach and updated color palette.


Next steps were to wireframe the full screen architecture and conceptualize illustration ideas based on the website copy deck. Back to sketching. 


There were several rounds of illustration refinement before I landed on the right look and feel. I worked with an Illustrator, Greg Christman, to finalize the overall style.


I transitioned the remainder of the illustrations to Greg to complete. Meanwhile, I began designing out the full site including interactions and considerations for animations. 


Greg did an awesome job with the additional illustrations. Once complete and the content layout approved, it was time to assemble everything.


The design was approved after a quick round of revisions. I was already working closely with a front-end developer on the build. It was time to bring the Rupie universe to life! 


Final development spanned about 2 ½ weeks. We wrapped up QA, cross-browser testing and handed the project over to the fantastic folks at Rupie.