Design Strategist & UX Specialist


UX Strategy & IA


DiscoverOrg is a data science company that specializes in human verified data - specific to organizational structure within large companies. Interested in reworking their IA and updating the UX across the site, I was brought on board the project to support strategy efforts. 


I began by reviewing DiscoverOrg's current site analytics, specific traffic flows, user data, customer personas and competitor sites among additional data points. 


Working with stakeholders at DiscoverOrg, we updated the sitemap over several rounds of review. There is a consolidation of screens by almost 1/3 when compared to the existing IA.


I typically generate content hierarchies in parallel with a sitemap. The color dots on the hierarchies correlate directly to the dots on the sitemap. This helps developers identify the scope of screen templates and begins the conversation with stakeholders around screen level content.  


Once I had sitemap approval, I created a simple visualization of the global navigation components. This reduces abstraction and helps to clarify top level architecture. 


A main KPI for DiscoverOrg is lead conversion. Mapping and identifying their 3 top user flows helped in defining what we presented to users along those paths. 


I'm always considering how content will be represented on all screen sizes – I embrace a device agnostic approach to UX.  I'll create click-through prototypes if stakeholders need help understanding how components function across multiple devices.


DiscoverOrg preferred relatively buttoned up wireframes so they could get approval on the work internally at their organization. Depending on the needs of the client and the project, I'll adjust the types of artifacts created. 


A final effort on this project was to create a functional requirements document for the development team. I was as thorough as possible and believe it would make any CTO proud!