I’ve been working as a UI/UX designer professionally in the agency space for 12 years. During the past 3, I successfully directed a team of designers at a leading digital product agency in Philadelphia. As design director, I was responsible for UI/UX direction, client/project strategy, employee management, team leadership, department process evolution, and employee pathing/mentorship. In a previous role, I directed a distributed design team located in Virginia, from Philadelphia, for over a year. I am as passionate about crafting highly usable and delightful digital products as I am about fostering a positive team environment where everyone can produce their best work.

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Wherever Mark went, positivity followed.

Mark and I didn't work together directly as much as I would have liked during our time as coworkers, and yet he became one of the closest people to me in the organization. That didn't happen by chance, it's a testament to his natural ability to build strong and lasting relationships. Wherever Mark went, positivity followed. It’s that thoughtfulness and understanding of people that quite naturally makes him a phenomenal designer. Time and time again I watched him craft elegant solutions that balanced the interest of users, the needs of the client, and the limitations of time.


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